Calmar Pannan V33

Quality in every detail

Many years of experience are behind the development of RETRO, resulting in a highly efficient wood boiler that helps saving both money and environment. RETRO is manufactured in appropriate facilities in Kalmar, located in one of the most forest dense parts of Sweden.

RETRO is a modern wood heating boiler, with significantly higher operating efficiency than that of traditional wood heating boilers. The output of the boiler is 35 kW and with the efficiency of 91% it is sufficient for the heating of most single-family houses.

RETRO is designed in accordance with European environmental requirements. Tested and approved in accordance with EN303-5.
made in swedenTested and approved in accordance with EN303-5.

Techichal Data
Output, kW 30 - 40
Water volume, litres 102
Fireplace height, mm 560
Fireplace width, mm 390
Fireplace depth, mm 550
Fireplace volume, litres 120
Log length, m 0,5
Weight, kg 360
Height A incl. pipe c/c 1305
Height 1255
Width 602
Depth 960
Expansion connection, DN 32
Hot water return, DN 32
Cooling coil Ø, mm 12